Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rainier Mountain Festival 2008

I plan to be at the Rainier Mountain Festival on September 13th and 14th, 2008.  This is a fantastic occasion to reconnect with colleagues, clients, friends, AND make new friends.  I don't plan to be tied down to a booth, but will be roaming around with information on next year's Mt. Rainier Photography Workshops.  There are plenty of events for all ages, so bring the whole gang.  See you there!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer on Rainier......

August 19th.  Pouring rain.  Snow Level on Mt. Rainier down to 6500’.  Summer still hasn’t really arrived.  Since moving to the Pacific Northwest 13 years ago, I haven’t seen a summer like this.  It is weather like this that creates the unmatched beauty of the NW.  The trees are so big.  The rivers so wild.  The glaciers unmatched in the lower 48.  This is the price we pay for the staggering beauty that unleashes itself when the sun does come out. So for this week, when I thought I would be shooting pictures of wildflowers and dramatic alpenglow on Mt. Rainier, I turn the camera down and shoot the finer and often overlooked detail of Mt. Rainier National Park.  One morning last week I went to a favorite shooting spot in the park.  I arrived an hour before sunrise and stood there with 4 other photographers in the cold fog waiting for it to lift.  It never did, but I talked for hours with a photographer from the east side of the mountain, which turned out to be enriching as making a good image…. That didn’t stop me from trying though.  Like my experiences climbing the mountain, Rainier does what it wants, and whether or not it fits in to my agenda it is always spectacular.

Rainier Digital Photography Workshops 2009

Join us on Mt Rainier for fun, excitement, achievement and camaraderie.  Containing more glacial mass than the rest of the Cascade Volcanoes combined, there is is no mistaking Rainier as the pinnacle of Cascade Grandeur.  Get to know Mt. Rainier National Park intimately with experienced instructors who have a deep knowledge of the park.  This is our home mountain.  Nobody can match our knowledge, access, or facilities of, to, and around Mt. Rainier National Park. 

Our Rainier Workshops originate at the studio of Adam Angel Photography in historic downtown Morton.  We provide private van transportation for all shooting excursions, and gourmet fare along the way.  For the Master Class (long class), field excursions are followed by image critiques, photoshop instruction, as well as fine art printing techniques at the studio.  The Shooter’s Class (short class) is for the more experienced photographer who is looking for field instruction, logistical support, and more time in the park shooting with good folks.

Please visit for more information.

Mt. Rainier Institute of Photography

Mt. Rainier’s greatness inspires greatness in us.  Ten years ago I came to Mt. Rainier to become a climbing guide.  Somehow as a young adult I knew that Mt. Rainier would teach me many lessons and take me further than I could imagine.  Climbing Mt. Rainier led to travels around the world, and ultimately to the desire to articulate the “sense of place” that I encountered on the world’s great mountains.  Photography became my vehicle to show the folks back home what I had seen.  What’s interesting to me is that this path didn’t lead to the places that I thought it would.  It led me on a journey of self discovery, personal growth, and creativity.

Today, my goal for the institute is to foster personal growth in concert with  nature’s grandeur through creativity.  The workshops that we offer take advantage of my knowledge of the mountain from it’s icy top to it’s lush and ancient bottom.  They incorporate a nice blend of shooting time in the field and of classroom and lab instruction.  All of this is packaged together in a fun, inspiring, memorable, and educational workshop.  I look forward to spending time with you on Mt. Rainier during the summer of 2009!                                                                                                ~Adam Angel

Please visit for more information.

New Website

The Mt. Rainier Institute of Photography has posted the new website at
This launches the beginning of Adam Angel Photography's Digital Workshops in Mt. Rainier National Park.  These workshops in the park will be operated under a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) administered by the National Park Service.  The CUA has not been issued yet, but we anticipate receiving one sometime in September/October.  We have gone ahead and launched the websites, so that we will be available in the search engines when it is time to start workshop registration.  In the mean time, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  See you in the mountains.

Autumn Workshop Update 2008.

Only 3 Spots left.

The digital era has brought new levels of photographic control to photographers. However, there is more than ever to know about digital capture, processing and printing. This 6-day digital workshop will cover everything you need to know to build a solid base for your path as a photographer.
Learn the most up-to-date processes for professional image capture and printing.
Capture high quality images, process them using the latest tools, and print them on some of the finest printers available today.Please see our detailed schedule for a full list of topics to be covered.

Download detailed information in the client access area at
Simply type “workshop” in the password area.

Space is limited to 6 students.

October 18-19, February 25-26, November 1-2, 2008

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the curriculum or equipment requirements.