Monday, August 27, 2012

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The blog for Adam Angel Photography and the blog for the Mt Rainier Institute of Photography are moving to  The Kalākora Gallery will serve as the umbrella for both.  Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal. Evolving Perspective. Launching the next generation beyond our imagination through experience.

November, 2009.  Looking at the legs of my daughter Asia, I could see that 4.5 years of country living and skiing (from the time she could walk) had built one stout kid.  Every time I lead a trip I see our customers enjoying their travel companions and families and can't help but wish that my loved ones were there as well.  Was Asia ready to trek in the Himalayas???  Was I ready for what can only be described and "parenting" and "guiding" on steroids..? Only one way to find out...

On my last trip to Nepal I visited a map store in Kathmandu.  An Annapurna Sanctuary Trek map leaped off the shelf for some reason that day, and it now sat neatly amongst my other maps here in the home office.  The high point of the trek is Annapurna Base Camp at 13,550'.  That's almost a thousand feet lower than the summit of Mt. Rainier just over the hill here.  If there was a trek that a five year old could do, it would be this one.

Fast forward to October, 2010.  33 hours of travel. PDX-LAX-ICN-KTM. I'm an idiot, what was I thinking?  Actually, not that bad.  Not the worst travel experience I've had.  Of course I've seen some bad shit in my time... Would it be worth it?

Immediately and without pause, everyone that I have talked with says, “She’s too young to remember the trip, why don’t you wait until she is older?"  Well, it's all about building a global perspective and living with that perception.  This is more important than it sounds, and we've dedicated a whole talk to it at noon on December 2nd at the Roxy Theater in Morton, WA.  It is offered through Centralia College's Lyceum Lecture Series and is free to the public.  Shanna, Asia and I will be there to show you what we saw, what we learned, and how our perspectives continue to evolve.

See you then.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Harvest II

In September of 2008 I wrote a blog entry "Harvest".
Without even looking at a calendar it is apparent when an equinox or solstice in nigh. There is a definitive moment when in total presence and clarity, I stop for a second, and say to myself "Fall is in the air." I can't put my finger on it, and I can't describe exactly what it is, but when it happens... I know. All of the times that I have scented that change in 36 years come together as an annual moment of continuity in my physical existence. This happens every year for each changing of the season, and I have no doubt that my senses are far more accurate than the calendar's interpretation. It is around these events that I feel most alive, and for a while after college and before settling down, these profound moments coincided with traveling. A summer job ends and there is time to roam until the ski season starts. You meet travelers along the way on similar journeys. Now that I am settled into one community, I can experience elements of that change that I haven't experienced since I was the reason for my parents nesting. My parents nested down for the winter in 1972 for me; and from 2005 on.... I nest for my child. It is time to harvest from the efforts of the year. I won't wait until December, I want to have a few months to enjoy the fruits and to ease into a cozy nest for winter with my closest loved ones. I feel this excitement today, as we reach a new plateau with our daughter. This week the whole family will travel together to my old stomping grounds in the Tetons. Again, the circle is coming round.
In one month we will embark on an even greater journey.  Shanna, Asia (now 5), and I will journey to Annapurna Sanctuary Nepal.  We will post updates to Facebook and this blog, as well as daily location updates using SPOT.  SPOT sends our location via satellite and displays it in near real time on google maps for you to follow.  We will present images and stories from the trip at noon on December 2nd at the Roxy Theater in Morton, WA.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Late July clouds are awesome!

The clouds have been great this past week.  This was shot from the lookout above town.  This is a huge 33 Megapixel image.  I am going to need a bigger printer!  It is available for purchase at


Monday, July 26, 2010

High Resolution Image of Mt. Rainier Summit

Follow this link to see a high resolution (10,000 pixel wide) panoramic image of Mount Rainier's top!

Give it time to load as you pan around.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Huge Gallery Updates!

Some days ARE better than others.  Some days are just cleaning.  Some are running errands for materials.  Some are spent just imagining how to do a unique, special, and affordable renovation to the gallery.  On occasion there is a great sense of accomplishment and reward.  I used to think that climbing mountains taught you patience.  Boy was I wrong!  LIFE teaches you patience.

Today we finished the new steps, and the new (sustainably harvested) African mahogany doors arrived.  The large one (without the frame) is 4' X 8'.  Now that's a door.  The steps are made from solid 4" X 12" lumber and are anchored directly to the outside of the vault wall.  I'd bet in 1920, they never planned on that happening!!

Pictured on the steps is Brad Klein.  Brad is where the Ideas meet Reality.  Thanks for the doors Steve Caskey.  After seeing these doors in real life, I hope that the rest of the renovation match their quality.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kilimanjaro by Moonlight.

Kilimanjaro by Moonlight from Karanga Camp, Kilimanjaro National Park.  June 2010.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kilimanjaro and African Safari with International Mountain Guides, June 2010.

Another great Kilimanjaro climb and African safari wraps up with great success.  All 12 climbers to the top!  The climb always exceeds expectations, and the challenges forge lifelong friendships in short time.  Congratulations to Art, Ann, Colston, and Anna Edgerton;  Rob and Meredith Elgar; John and Christina Porter; Elizah Mclaughlin, Shannon Smith and Donna Wise.  Thank you to all of the local porters and guides who helped us stay healthy and strong on our way to the summit.  It takes a special group of people to pull off such a feat!

Work hard then play hard.  After the climb we safaried in Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.  We stayed at some "off the beaten path" camps and lodges this time, which I think were some of the best lodging experiences I've had on 11 safaris.  Good living and good friends all the way.  Can't wait to go back next year!

Adam Angel, IMG Guide.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mount Rainier Updates, Sunrise and Mowich Lake.


Mount Rainier National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga advises that
Sunrise facilities will be opening on July 2 as planned however, due to
water system issues caused by the cool, late spring, some visitor services
may be limited over the Fourth of July weekend.

Sunrise Ranger Station which is located on the ground floor of the Sunrise
Day Lodge, will open on Friday, July 2. The Ranger Station will be used as
the main visitor contact point this season while the Sunrise Visitor Center
undergoes installation of new exhibits and other renovations.  The
renovation project, which is funded by the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is scheduled to be completed by late August.  The
Ranger Station will provide visitor information and sales items as well as
Ranger programs.

Concession facilities in Sunrise Lodge will open on Saturday, July 3 and
provide gift sales and limited pre-packaged food service.  Once the water
issue is resolved, normal food service will be available to visitors.


Due to continued cool temperatures and lingering snowpack, opening of the
Mowich Lake road is being delayed until July 9 (noon).  Much snow still
remains at the lake and campground and the road into the lake is extremely
wet and soft.

NOTE:  Visitors are reminded that a great deal of snow remains on the
ground at the higher elevations of the park (6-8’ at Paradise and Sunrise)
and trails remain snow covered.  Lower elevation trails are relatively snow
free.  Check at the nearest visitor center or ranger station for current
information or visit the Mount Rainier web page at and
click on the Hiking and Climbing Quicklink for specific trail reports.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The best time of Year for an East African Safari, Tanzania.

Just returned from another fabulous expedition to Kilimanjaro and Serengeti.  I've compiled the below chart to help you decide when and where to go when you decide go on Safari.  This list includes Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and Mahale as well as two categories for Serengeti.
Please click on the image to view it full size.