Friday, September 3, 2010

Harvest II

In September of 2008 I wrote a blog entry "Harvest".
Without even looking at a calendar it is apparent when an equinox or solstice in nigh. There is a definitive moment when in total presence and clarity, I stop for a second, and say to myself "Fall is in the air." I can't put my finger on it, and I can't describe exactly what it is, but when it happens... I know. All of the times that I have scented that change in 36 years come together as an annual moment of continuity in my physical existence. This happens every year for each changing of the season, and I have no doubt that my senses are far more accurate than the calendar's interpretation. It is around these events that I feel most alive, and for a while after college and before settling down, these profound moments coincided with traveling. A summer job ends and there is time to roam until the ski season starts. You meet travelers along the way on similar journeys. Now that I am settled into one community, I can experience elements of that change that I haven't experienced since I was the reason for my parents nesting. My parents nested down for the winter in 1972 for me; and from 2005 on.... I nest for my child. It is time to harvest from the efforts of the year. I won't wait until December, I want to have a few months to enjoy the fruits and to ease into a cozy nest for winter with my closest loved ones. I feel this excitement today, as we reach a new plateau with our daughter. This week the whole family will travel together to my old stomping grounds in the Tetons. Again, the circle is coming round.
In one month we will embark on an even greater journey.  Shanna, Asia (now 5), and I will journey to Annapurna Sanctuary Nepal.  We will post updates to Facebook and this blog, as well as daily location updates using SPOT.  SPOT sends our location via satellite and displays it in near real time on google maps for you to follow.  We will present images and stories from the trip at noon on December 2nd at the Roxy Theater in Morton, WA.